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Health Science Journal is a web quarterly publication handling empirical manuscripts and reviews, case studies and research articles, proposals and policy reports, as well as any other specialized topics on the health sciences.

Recent Articles

Health care provider’s organizational culture profile: a literature review
Author(s): Catherine Kastanioti
Increased anxiety and depression in greek infertile women results from feelings of marital stress and poor marital communication
Author(s): Gourounti Kleanthi
The development of patient safety culture
Author(s): Stavrianopoulos Theodosios
Occupational exposure to blood and body fluids of nurses at emergency department
Author(s): Gourni Maritsa
Cumulative effect of psychotherapy in remission of symptomatology of major depressive disorder
Author(s): Roupa Zoe
Wound ballistic mechanisms caused by missile entrance in human body cranium
Author(s): Panagiotopoulos Elias


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